AI Infrastructure for the Web3 Digital Transformation

HIVE Digital Technologies builds and operates data centres in North America and Europe. Our hardware powers cutting-edge projects ranging from Web3 to AI and HPC (High Performance Computing).

HIVE Cloud Launching 2024


Positioned for Growth

  • Our fleet of thousands of high-end industrial GPUs makes HIVE well positioned to support the fast-growing AI and HPC markets
  • Recognised experience operating Web3 infrastructure

Leading Data Centre

  • Industry-leading expertise in building, maintaining and operating efficient digital infrastructure
  • Operations situated in cool and politically stable jurisdictions (Canada, Sweden & Iceland) with access to low-cost renewable energy

HIVE's GPU Fleet

  • HIVE operates a fleet of thousands of NVIDIA industrial-grade GPUs (graphic processing units)
  • Building HIVE Cloud, an enterprise-class service offering affordable compute for demanding applications including AI training and inference
  • Learn more about HIVE Cloud and our GPU operations

HIVE Data Centres

  • HIVE operates over 100 MW of data centres in Canada
  • HIVE operates 46 MW in Iceland and Sweden
  • Industry-leading efficiency thanks to custom software and hardware expertise
  • Powered by clean, low-cost green energy (primarily hydroelectric)
  • Learn more about our data centres